Check Out These Awesome Open-Source Project Management Tools

Obviously, open-source software is one of our favorite things here. We just love the idea of creating an amazing product and sharing it with people who can use it, build on it and improve it. With that spirit in mind, we’ve been searching out some of the best open-source project management tools around.

Project management is a really fantastic market for open-source software. Why? Well, because in general, project management requires a few basic things that anyone can create: workflow management, user management, and task assignment.

However, most project managers also need very specific things – things specific to their industry and their product. So, with an open-source software, project managers can create exactly the product they need to manage their teams as effectively as possible.

So, if you are a project manager, and you just can’t seem to find the right tool, check out some of these!

  • ProjectLibre. ProjectLibre is an open-source project management tool by Marc O’Brien. In addition to having some pretty standard features – like task management – the base program also features stuff like resource allocation, tracking and data charts. This makes it extremely easy to see where your resources are being spent, so you can allocate them more efficiently. They have been iterating since release, and this year, they’ll be coming out with version 2.0. We can’t wait!
  • OpenProject. OpenProject is another great open-source project management tool, and it really stands out for its excellent collaboration management. It’s built on Ruby, and it’s packed full of other really great PM tools. This tool is currently on its third version, and we’re set to see some updates later this year.
  • Redmine. The final tool on our list here is Redmine. We really like Redmine because it’s a web-based product, and it works on the web really well. It’s an ideal product for any teams that work with each other remotely (which is happening more and more these days.