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A few Great Open Source Hunting Apps

So, I’m finding that this blog is trending in a very particular direction lately. Mostly, I’ve found myself wanting to write about how we can apply open source technologies and systems to a bunch of different stuff.

I think this is mostly because I have a lot of different hobbies myself. But I also think it’s important for open source communities to cast a wide net – to show the benefit of open source technologies to lots of different kinds of people.

Because, really, almost any community of people could benefit from the collective, collaborative nature of open source systems. It makes almost everything better, and hobbies aren’t exempt!

So which hobby are we talking about today? Hunting!

Truth be told, I’m much more of a fisher than I am a hunter, but I do go hunting occasionally. So I was excited to find there was a bunch of different open source hunting apps on the market.

I listed a few here, so you could benefit from my research, whether you’re looking for the best binoculars for hunting, or you’re just grabbing your tent and adventuring. As always, if you have any other ideas or know of any apps I’ve missed, please let me know in the comments!

  • iSonular Hunting & Fishing Times. This is a truly open source app, since it collects data from all over the world from many different sources. Basically, this app tells you the best times of day to hunt or fish virtually anywhere on Earth. Pretty cool!
  • Primos Hunting Calls. This is a funny one, but it’s also really useful. This app will play a variety of hunting calls right from your phone, so stop practicing in the mirror!
  • iHunt Journal. This is an app that you contribute to. It allows you to track basically everything about your hunting habits, including game type, hunting times and weather. Pretty sweet stuff right here.

Did I miss anything? If I did, leave a comment!

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